handmade rim locks

alt=handmade forged rim lockalt=handmade rim lock diosklop d2– d2 rim lock, old fashioned castle door style lock.

Dimensions- 21cm x 31cm, weight approx. 7kg, material- steel, with rivets.

Mechanism- levered, completely hand made, forged

Surface coating- mat lacquer version, colourless lacquer.

Short description- the diosklop d2 lock is just massive, suited for big massive oak doors. This model doesnt have a door handle or a knob, key goes in the middle of the lock and locks/unlocks two bolts in the same time.It mounts from the inside of the door, the key has a guider from the back, outside is the cover guard.

– similar model with a knob/door handle coming soon.

– building it bigger, if you need a lock in supersized dimensions, or from your own specifications in shape or design, dont hesitate to contact us.

alt=rim locks,rim latches

The d2 rim lock also has matching bolt holder, pull handles, key holder, chain rings, cover.

alt=handmade rim lock